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Kanda Ritual
The goal of this ritual is to energize the Kanda, the egg in which the Kundalini rests.
Bhoga Ritual
This ritual energizes the body with a cascade of neuropeptides, neurotransmitters, and other hormonal chemicals which positively affect the health of both the body and brain.
Chakra Puja Ritual
The Chakra-Puja ritual is among the oldest, most respected, and most useful rituals of classical Tantra.
This ritual combines some of the pranayama with some of the unblocking methods to get a super-powered energy method.
The Floating Exercise can open the student to alignment to any spiritual world method or benefit imagined.
Pranayama methods are highly effective in attaining specific energy states, adding to sacred sex rituals.
This ritual is basic to the awareness of seeing the world and connecting with it.
Ritual preparation beginning days prior to ritual practice, includes tuning to the earth, solar system, and universe along with body preparation for sexual rites.
It is highly recommended that Tantrics practice Dianism often and include such practice in their rituals.
Ritual preparation including setting up the room, body internal and external cleansing.
Tantra teaches that the sound of God (SHABDABRAHMIN), can be found in all things.
The Alone Ritual is designed to begin the journey into the sexual aspects of Tantra.
Alphaism is a beginning tantra ritual which is commonly practiced with dianism, a kundalini and tree of life sexual ritual.
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Go To some aspects of purity in tantra and rituals.
Go to how to see personality disorder symptoms as rituals to enjoy and make life better.
Go to some hints on making your own rituals, raising kundalini, and more.

As above, so below.

The art of transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned with the greatest force. Please note that if you think your energy is stronger than the energy of the cosmos, go ahead and beat your head against that wall. I won't stop you nor will anyone else. If you want things to happen and to bring forth changes in the direction you require, you MUST NOT fight the greatest forces. If the force is stronger than you, you will not be able to stop it's flow. You can, however, spin some of it off to water your field and make YOUR crops grow.
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Who you are is a whole unit. Your body chemistry is not separate from you. Your arm is part of you. Your meditations are part of you. Your environment is part of you. It is all interconnected and your meditations running constantly are somewhat like a large instrument panel filled with gauges and dials. Pay attention and your meditations will tell you who you are.
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Tree of Life Path "PEH"

Path 16 of the Tree of Life extends from Hod to Netzach and is a tremendously powerful mental and spiritual tool. This power comes from the full knowledge of your sexual and intellectual powers combined. This path transforms the intellectual energy of Mercury (Hod) into the sexual energy of Venus (Netzach) by using the transforming sexual activity of Mars.
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Suggestions for successful Rituals.

Energy is just energy. It's what you do with it that counts.

    a. Great sex brings Great chemistry brings Great energy brings higher brain awareness brings more spiritual awareness......
    b. Use the energy gained from sexual rituals to clean house and you are becoming a great house cleaner.
    c. Use the energy to "party" and you are becoming a great party person.
    d. Use the energy for ego and you will have a stronger ego.
    e. The list could continue nearly infinitely.
    f. What you do with the energy from sexual rituals once built to a high peak is what you are becoming. Be careful what you do with it.
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Ritual for balancing Energy

The basic idea is that the person is blocking energy for some reason. Thus, clearing the block will likely be a temporary fix. You must fix the cause for a permanent fix. Remember, the cognitive part of your brain is the smallest part. A lot of things happen within you that you are unaware of. Think of this kind of like exercise. You can't just sit in a chair and get your heart up to 120 beats per minute, you must do something to get that effect. You must use an external factor to exercise your heart like moving your feet.
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The only thing mysterious about Tantra is the mystery of how it can be so mistaken for something it is not. It is not magical. Tantra contains methods and processes that help heal, integrate, and uplift. Tantra is used by the Hindu and Buddhist and others but is not a religion. Tantra is a method of attainment. Tantra is available for all to use.
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